“I recommend this pediatric dentist. After asking multiple parents for a recommended pediatric dentist in Staten Island, I was given the most positive personal reviews regarding Dr. Merlino. Prior to my daughter’s appointment, I asked a family member in the dental field what I should expect during my 4 year old child’s first visit to the dentist. My family member warned me my daughter would probably require a full set of x-rays (and that this is not a money maker for the dentist…but part of the first visit based on age..standard practice). Upon my daughter’s visit, she received a thorough cleaning, evaluation (with explanation to my child and myself), and a full set of x-rays to assess dental health. My daughter can’t wait for her next dental check-up!” 

 “Dr. Merlino is a wonderful dentist. She is very professional and knowledgeable about the most current dental procedures. My daughter (who is now 13 years old) has been going to her since she was 2. She explains everything thoroughly to both patient and parent. Dr. Merlino and her staff are some of the warmest professionals I’ve every had the pleasure of meeting and I would HIGHLY recommend her to any parent looking for a Pediatric Dentist. She and her staff are WONDERFUL people and professionals.” 

 ”My three year old daughter need extensive work on her teeth. Including two root canals to her front teeth and caps. Dr. Merlino took us in right away. This was a huge deal for us as Dr. Merlino was the 4th dentist we had taken our daugther to see and my daughter had just gone through a tramatic experience with drilling to her teeth while she was awake and was now deathly afraid to even enter a dental office let alone sit in the chair. Dr. Merlino detailed a plan to fix her teeth that was immediate and nontramatic, which is what we had been searching for. She did an excellent job and minimized the anxiety involved in the procedure. We continue to drive the extra distance to see her for our 6 month checkups because we value her professional option. She is great with my daughter and she did excellent work. My daughter has beautiful, pain-free teeth for the past two years and I owe that to Dr. Merlino. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a pediatric dentist. Thank you Dr. Merlino!”   (This patient was treated while sedated) 

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